Dangers of remembering

Social media sites are fucking dangerous. They remind you of a recently destroyed life with their ‘helpful’ posts of what you were doing this time last year. Showing pictures of happier ignorant times that make you want to scream ‘watch out!’ ‘Pay attention’ and cry with feelings of ‘I wish i was back there’, ‘what happened’ and ‘if you only knew what was ahead’

Day to day living is manageable, only just though. But when you innocently look into the many sites we all use, that’s when the reality you’re hiding from slaps you in the face as if to say “remember when you were happy?”

I’m learning how to ignore the sites and accounts they share, avoid the posts that show how blissfully in love and happy they are and stop myself from being reminded that my soulmate chose another. But it’s becoming more and more difficult each day. I’m already torturing myself with questions of what did it do, how did I lose what we had and how can I learn to be me. I don’t need several social sites rubbing it in my face!


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